Yay for a Pay Raise

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. . . After waiting a month and a half for it. And it’s only an 80 cents increase. But better than nothing.

Still, a month a half?! Oi. X_X;; Working for the government will always mean slow results.

Anyway, now that’s finally done with, I can cross it off my combination of a check/to-do list. Unfortunately, I still have a tonne of stuff I need to accomplish. Am I the only one who always have a huge list of stuff to do . . . and no matter how much I accomplish, I always find something new to add?! Arghhhh.


  1. Amanda on

    A pay rise in any shape is always good news! :) Congrats!

  2. Rebecca on

    i got in total around 80 cents after working at a grocery store for two and a half years. you should be happieee!!!

  3. 80 cents? WTF morons D:
    But i guess it’s a good thing uh ?

  4. You are definitely NOT the only one with the ever-growing list! Hang in there!

  5. Any pay raise is good at least =) I have to wait at least one year before getting a pay raise.

  6. Felisa on

    Yay for the pay raise! I only wish I could get that too…
    And about your ever-growing to do list… if it makes you feel any better, I’m running out of space on my bulletin board to tack on a new piece of paper to remind me of something I need to do :P

  7. Trisha on

    Aiyeee 80cents. I agree… working for the government mean slow pay rise. I guess we can all look at the up side – it’s still a pay rise. :)

  8. It’s only human nature to want more, so that list is always going to be never ending. Good news is that you’re not alone. =P

  9. Oh, no. My to-do list is always growing! It’s frustrating. I need a raise. Like a $5-$10 raise. LOL!

  10. I originally read that you “only” had an 80 PERcent increase. I thought, can you be more greedy, woman? xD Oh well, I guess a raise is a raise; 80 cents is still money… or something like that.

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