Meetings and Friends to the Fourth Power

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The last few days proved to be very tiring, wet, long, and fun. Oh and I had more of a social life than I did in the entire month! Here are some brief summaries of what had happened.

The dreaded staff meeting occurred after work from 6:15 to 8:15. Blehhhhhh. That wasn’t much fun. I wanted to sleep in the meeting! But boy, the week felt so long. By the time it was today, I wanted it to be Friday night instead.

Met Jennifer for lunch at Commiskey’s. Had a fun time talking and catching up on stuff. Then after work, I went to meet Tiffany. We had dinner at Istanbul and then hung out at Starbucks in Itaewon. Again we caught up on much stuff and whatnot.

Tina and I met up again and this time we went to Electronics Market. Unfortunately, it was pouring down buckets that day. That part was not fun. But we did get her a RFour thingamagie, got her camera fixed, and had lunch. Then she had to go do other stuff, and I had to meet Ahmi. The two of went back to my house where we worked on her paper. After that, she ended up getting some free music, and we decided to go get some pizza at this pizza restaurant in my neighbourhood called “Pizza School”. And since it was Saturday night, that meant Istanbul had its Happy Hour = 2 cocktails for the price of 1, so we headed there and ended the night with some drinks. :3

And now it’s Sunday. Finally. A day I can just stay home and bum around! Whoo hoo! Time to catch up on stuff.


  1. Haha…”Pizza School”..somehow I find that funny. Hope you had your relaxing Sunday.

  2. Jeez you sound busy!! But it also sounds like you’ve been enjoying the company of friends :) It has been rainy here but nowhere near what we normally get :(

  3. Coronet on

    Haha is it so terrible that I remember Commisky’s with a shudder? XD The only thing I ever ordered there was bulgogi. I got it every single time I ever went there, lol!

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