WordPress 2.6

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You know these WordPress upgrades are actually quite tedious. SO MANY FILES to upload each time.

These upgrades are also very stressful! Each time I upgrade, I glare at my computer screen, in an effort to try to send a message to the upgrading process not to fuck anything up.

Bah. Aside from that, work was not fun. Boo. Not a good day, really. However, I got a new DS game, Trauma Centre: Under the Knife 2, as a gift to myself. Oi. When is September?! I don’t want to go through August!

I hope everything works! *pokes WordPress*


  1. *sigh* It was a wordpress update that killed my site originally. Then my host tried to fix it but it ended up even worse. XD

    Oooh! I totally want to the get Trauma Centre: Under the Knife 2. I have the first one and it was much fun!

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