Sins and Virtues of Mediocrity

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Lately I’ve been thrown with compliments here and there. Last week, somebody said I was a “computer genius” (in Korean). Today, I was blessed with, “Tara reads a lot of books, so she’s good with words” (again, in Korean). Twenty minutes ago, I was called a “genius” by a friend who was amazed I could access her files on her website.

Well, there are several problems with this picture here. Take the first scenario: the person who said that doesn’t really use a computer, which I assume is the case since she was an older Korean ahjumma. The second scenario: another older Korean ahjumma asked me how to spell “curious”, and she’s ESL. The third scenario: well, er, I don’t think genius was warranted there since I’ve navigated around control panels and FTP for years, but even then I was stumped when I saw three different directories of the same bloody content. !@#$!@#$

In other words, do I really deserve these compliments? Actually, I get these compliments a lot, especially from Korean people, but should I accept them? I am not saying I shouldn’t, but this got me to think about something. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a very mediocre person, so mediocre to the point that I wished I wasn’t that! Let’s take the following hobbies/skills I like and am capable of doing.

  • Computer Softwares versus Hardware: With Desktop Publishing, I experiment, mostly. I have this weird patience to experiment Microsoft Office programme. Same thing with webpage designing, coding, and graphics designing. However, I don’t have the brain of a programmer or the eyes of an artist at times. I just try to colour-coordinate and make everything simple. I strangely don’t have the patience to do pixel by pixel designing. That drives me nuts. My fault lies in with computer hardware. Point out a motherboard to me, I will not know. Point out questions like how to make a page print landscape instead of portrait, I’ll know.
  • Musician Skills: I am not good with the piano. The weird thing about me is I memorise my hand movements more than anything else. I have difficulties trying to coordinate my hands and eyes while reading sheet music. So I just take my slow time learning the hand movements. I have a similar disadvantage with the saxophone, too. I never learned how to tongue! Don’t ask how I got into Advanced Band like that, but I did. X_X;; However, I have enough musical skills in me to memorise melodies and rhythm. Just don’t ask me what key a song is in since I’m apparently tone deaf with that.
  • English Major Galore: My biggest fault is that I have much troubles with subject-verb agreements and tense-shifts issue. These pose enough problems when I’m trying to write. I’ve discovered that I just cannot write like some people. However, I can skim a book really quickly when I want to, and spelling is actually not that difficult for me. I was always more of a visual person, so I enjoy reading. To me, reading and writing is a joy, but the latter is just something I know I am not strong in! Oh and my vocabulary sucks. BOO. I should read a dictionary or a thesaurus instead of mangas, eh?

See, the problem is that I am good at some parts of it and crap at others. There are people who will always be better at computer programming and “hardwaring”, graphics designing, playing musical instruments, being a better writer with a higher vocabulary level, and etcetera! I know somewhere along the line, I realised that I just don’t have that one talent to say I’m good at something. I’m just so effing mediocre that it’s not funny. I wish I did have that one talent, whether it’s writing, teaching, or hell even punching a punching bag until it opened would be nice, too! Well, maybe not the last one, but I wished I was good at something.

I do feel a bit remorseful for not having that single talent to be proud of, but I’ve discovered that I’m actually glad in a way. I feel like if I was good at that one thing, I wouldn’t be the well-rounded person I am today. I am not saying that a mathematician will not enjoy reading or anything, but well, I fit the stereotype of being absolutely craptacular at math, so I prefer words — so I’m sure there will be somebody opposite of that as well. I have many hobbies, so I don’t stick to one thing. Of course having such a diverse tastes also make me utterly BLEH since I have so much choices to choose from in life, but it’s not a bad thing. I may not have that one special talent, but I have bits and pieces of it here and there, and I’m thankful for it.

Some days I will feel disgusted at my mediocrity, but most days I’ll love it because it’s a part of me.


  1. Haha, we’re pretty similar. Each time I open up my computer case to install/fix hardware, someone always gets injured. I have no idea what I’m doing in there, except the dusting. weee! I can dust! I never knew how to tongue with the clarinet. It comes up sounding like a robot or an alarm siren. Hahaha. English: I’m not so great with grammar and vocabulary. It’s really embarrassing when I’m around people who use big words.

  2. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, and I think it’s reasonable that everyone excels at a part of something than the whole thing. It’s hard to master something completely. Sometimes it’s not that you’re not good at it, it’s a choice. I love programming and pick up any programming language easily, but I choose to ignore hardware, because… I think it’s utterly boring XD;; I think you should be proud of what you can already do, even if it’s not the complete field.

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