A Letter to Pixar

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Dear Pixar,

Today at work, I had to take a bunch of preschoolers to go see a free showing of your latest film, Wall·E. I had seen the preview for it, but I felt apathetic about the film entirely. You see, ever since the horror of Toy Story coming out when I was in fifth grade, I was forever turned off from that kind of 3-D animation. The last film from you guys that I remotely liked a bit was A Bug’s Life. Actually, even now I am not a big fan of bizarre looking 3-D animations. I must be terribly old-school since I prefer 2-D animation of the old Disney’s films and whatnot.

May I congratulate you for doing the impossible? I actually adored and enjoyed this film. I LOVED IT. Okay, there were parts of the films that were a bit slow, but overall it was fantastic. You have made me fall in love with a robot. Now I can understand my friend’s love for them. Wall·E is the most adorable little trash compactor robot out there. I loved how his little house, filled with his eccentric collections. The way he acted, the way he cared about things just made my heart melt. I actually wanted to cry during the scenes he nearly sacrificed himself. X_X;; However, I didn’t cry since the last thing I wanted were my preschoolers freaking out on me.

Oh and you have won an extra point for playing Louis Armstrong’s version of “La Vien Rose”. BIG KUDOS FOR THAT. Oh and the “Also sprach Zarathustra” by Richard Strauss in homage to Stanley Kubrick’s film 2001: A Space Odyssey was brilliant as well.

Unfortunately, I have not converted to be your fan. The point of this letter is to tell you just how much you have changed my perspective on 3-D animated films. I suppose as long as they aren’t mind-boggling ugly, I will enjoy it! I still stand by my views on how much 2-D animations are better, though. However, Wall·E has won a spot in my heart. :3



  1. Haha.. I was a little afraid to read this entry because I thought there were gonna be spoilers. Anyway, I too prefer 2D animation to 3D. 3D just feels so fake, eventhough its purpose is to be closer to reality. I guess I just prefer my toons to be toons and not a reality-wannabe.

  2. Oh man, 3D movies have gotten a lot better! Have you seen Finding Nemo? That is my favorite Pixar film. It’s a bit old now. I haven’t seen Wall E yet. I did watch DreamWork’s Kung Fu Panda recently and it was so hilarious.

    My twitter username is taskii7.

  3. I really liked Wall-E too :3 I felt like this was one that adults could enjoy a lot, not just kids, and more so than previous Pixar films. I also miss the old 2D Disney movies. I wish Disney would come out with another one! I don’t mind the 3D ones though, as long as they’re well done.

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