CDs Clean Up

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I had not realised I was the owner of this many CDs until I cleaned out the ones I did not want to keep any more. O_O;; This is the “I don’t want them” pile. Much bigger than the “to keep” pile. Ah well. Farewell to the last fifteen years of my life, I suppose. Many of these were given to me or were bought by my parents and me. I can’t say I’ll miss them since the songs I like are on my computer. Now I need to put them in a bag, figure out where to dispose them, and rearrange the CDs I’m keeping. X_X;; Will you believe me when I say I started on this project in May? Yes, I’m a huge procrastinator.

Ah well. Aside from doing that this weekend, my cold turned into a horrible disease where I was feeling very lethargic and woozy with a sniffling nose. I could not work in that condition on Friday, so I left work at 9:00am, came home, crashed by 10:00am with NyQuil in my system, and woke up at 6:00pm thinking it was 12:30pm. X_X;; Saturday I just stayed home and caught up on reading Archie and For Better or For Worse comic books. Today was spent at home again, in front of the computer for the most of the day. :3

X_X;; Monday tomorrow. Me no want to go to worky. Me want to stay home againsy. *sighs*


  1. WHOA! That’s quite a bit of CDs. I collected around 300 CDs during my teenaged years. I don’t buy CDs anymore though since I don’t have a CD player anymore. I just use my MP3 player or computer to buy songs. So, iTunes is enough for me. :)

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