Suffering from a Cold and Priceritis

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I recently signed up for a membership at this gym right outside the back entrance of my apartment complex. It was 50,000 won (about $50) for a month, and it allows me to go any day and any time. Well, I started on Monday, and I discovered that my Skechers walking shoes were not going to work while I do the elliptical machine. My sole exercise shoes are not in good shape, so I decided to go buy a new pair of shoes today.

Anyway today was a long and difficult day for me at work. I’m suffering from a cold, and me being sick right now means I’ve been sick every bloody month since November! I felt so lethargic today. X_X;; After work, I went to the PX, and I suffered another dreaded disease called Priceritis. This seriously should be catalogued as a disease. Looking at the shoe prices gave me the following symptoms:

  • Nauseousness
  • Feeling faint
  • Chills
  • Watery eyes
  • Mental breakdown

The cure? NONE — Unless you count screaming bloody murder to yourself.

I don’t know what is going on with the economy (other than the fact that it sucks right now), but I have no fucking desire to pay $50-$120 on a pair of shoes. MY GOD. I looked at Nike, New Balance, and whatnot and nearly fainted from shock. The last time I went shoe shopping, which was about a year ago, I don’t recall shoes being that bloody expensive! I mean, DAMN. This is why I hate clothes shopping!

After scrounging around for a bit, I chose to get this in light blue for $46.75. Unfortunately, I had to stock up on other stuff, so my grand total on this shopping trip was over $90. OUCH. That means I only have $17 bucks in my bank account. WHOO HOO. X_X;; Thank goodness pay day is coming up on Tuesday.


  1. Amanda on

    Oh, I know exactly what you mean RE: prices of sport shoes. I’m lucky enough to have an acquaintance who works in Adidas’s Melbourne offices who gets heaps of prototypes for free, and an incredible employee discount as well, so I manage to score most of mine for under $40…so paying retail is almost anathaema to me.

  2. I’m always reluctant to spend a lot on shoes because… I don’t treat them well XD;; I really like Sketchers, but the ones I had weren’t that great for running, which I’ve been wanting to get back into. I’ll have to buy new ones too ^^;; The ones you got look cute!

  3. Rebecca on

    everything does cost a bit more now… hope the priceritis suffering ends soon though!

  4. Everything is soo expensive nowadays.. you would think that our wages and salaries would go up too with the rest of these rising prices. Anyway, I think investing in a pair of good quality shoes is a good thing because they would last you a long time verses a cheap pair which will probably start breaking in a couple months!

  5. Yeah I don’t like shopping for anything unless someone else is paying for it. XD

    The economy is terrible right now. Everything is so expensive and jobs are so hard to get. Wow, $17 in your bank account. Thank goodness for pay day…

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