1293 Reasons Preschoolers Crack Me Up

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I work in a daycare centre, in a full-day care preschool room. As much as I gripe about my job, there are times when I do enjoy working with them. Here are few reasons why.

Reason #1
Last week, the week’s topic was “ocean”. In the middle of the week, during circle/group time, we asked them what are talking about this week? Apparently they couldn’t remember the word “ocean”. Therefore, they all said, “Salty water!” I have to say that it was answered brilliantly. I’m glad they at least remembered that ocean water are salty!

Reason #2
This one kid’s Crocs’ strap had broken off. He came up to me and another teacher and said, “My shoe broke.” The other teacher said, “And?” Like exactly what can we do. He slumped down, made a face, and in a very comical manner responded, “I’ll just go home and take it off.” Just the way he said that just cracked me up so bad. Then when he was picked up, I told his mum just how much he cracked me up. He then showed me his shoe and said, “It’s fixed now!”

Reason #3
This week’s topic happens to be about vacation in general. Today’s discussion was about suitcases and what we pack when we go on a trip. Well, I asked them what they would pack in their suitcases, and I received the following answers: Clothes, pillow and blanket, and toys. I guess that makes sense, but pillow and blanket? XD I can see why, but those were the last items I had in mind.

Ahhhh. Kids. You gotta love them, but sometimes you just want to smack them. X_X;;


  1. LOL!!! Reason #2 cracked me up. Kids can be so cute sometimes, I guess. I’m not particularly fond of them, since I’m not a patient person to begin with. I can definitely understand why kids would bring their pillows and blankets though. Apparently, when I was young, I was very attached to a certain blanket my grandma had given me. My parents had to bring it everywhere we went or I’d throw a huge tantrum. Hahaha.

    FYI, I don’t need that blanket anymore.

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