Fourth of July Weekend 2008

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Jazzy Fireworks!
I stayed up until about 1:30am cleaning my room. Then I slept for twelve hours. So much for trying to wake up early X_X;; I guess I was more tired than I thought! Ahmi came over by 3:00pm, and we researched the net for her jazz paper. After we surfed through Failblog, we headed out to Gimbap Chunguk (김밥 천국 – Gimbap Heaven) for dinner. Then we went to Classe to talk the night away. This cafe happened to be on the second floor, so when the fireworks went off on base, we were able to see it! It lasted fifteen minutes. Wow. I guess they were making it up for last year!

Schoolboys’ Love
I read La Esperança starting from last night. Today, I finished the rest. It was actually better than I thought it’d be. I found myself liking Henri, Alain, and Freddy. Oh, Freddy! I’m glad I found the whole set for a great price of $42. Of course add an extra $10 for shipping . . . *sighs*

Starbucks + Indian Food
AJ and I met at my place, and we headed to Itaewon’s Starbucks (Dark Mocha Frappuccino was actually good!) where Ahmi joined us. We talked the afternoon away, mostly about Tokyo. Ahmi then went home, and AJ and I went to Taj Palace to have the buffet there. SO GOOD. For 16,500 won (about $16.50) that included the buffet and free naan! Yummy! That’s one heck of a good Indian restaurant. After that, we parted for our individual homes.

Gin + Chilsung Cider
I was in the mood for some gin and tonic. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any of the tonic water in the stores in my neighbourhood! WTF. So I decided to buy Chilsung Cider (Korean version of Seven-Up) as a substitute. It’s actually not that bad! I prefer the tonic water, but the soda is a good back up! So now I’m home, in front of the computer, sipping away on my gin and Chilsung Cider. Considering how the humidity is bloody awful, this is a nice cool drink to have on a night like today.

Hope everyone else had a good Fourth of July!


  1. That sounds like an awesome Fourth of July weekend. Although the combination of Starbucks and Indian food would have never crossed my mind. Wow, that restaurant does sound like a good deal, but the naan will surly fill you up quickly.

  2. That sounds like a great weekend! Dark Mocha Frappe is good, eh? I’ve been wanting to try it but was kinda afraid since some of Starbucks’ new drinks aren’t all that great. But on your recommendation, maybe I shall give it a try next time I go to Starbucks. :)

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