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Where the hell have I been these last few months?!

I’ve been living under a rock! How the hell did I not notice this news?! The game that sucked me into the RPG world, the game that I worship like a mofo — how did I not know about this? Oh man. As much as I’m excited about it, I’m really apprehensive as well. The nightmare called Final Fantasy Chronicles comes into my mind. That was a horrible, horrible port of Chrono Trigger to the PlayStation 1. Just . . . despicable, really. That port did the game a huge injustice!


*ahem* On the flip side, it’s the Fourth of July weekend! HOMG. I needed this three day weekend! I shall catch up on the most wonderful thing in the world. S.L.E.E.P. Then I’ll catch up on mangas, video games, and meet friends. Oh and must clean messy room. Only 1/5 of the room is clean. The rest is a junkyard. Actually, make that “bookyard”. I got books all over the place! I’ve decided to clean out my bookcase and get rid of books I don’t want and put the books I want to save in plastic bags. I had to make rooms for my mangas. X_X;; Woe is the fact that I have such a small bookcase!


  1. My bookshelf is overflowing and double-stacked too which sucks because I want to showcase all my books. I don’t have enough room for another one though. =(

  2. Rebecca on

    yay for books… stop playing games! go outside and enjoy the sunshine :D

  3. errorname on

    I love Chrono Trigger, and I was completely unimpressed by the PSOne port. I am INCREDIBLY excited about the DS version.

  4. Oohh, I didn’t know about Chrono Trigger for DS either. Time to add another game to my wishlist…

    Yay for 3 day weekends! I’m going to attempt to catch up on my sites during it XD;; The problem with collecting manga is definitely the space problem. I end up splitting it into 2 bookshelves ^^;;

  5. Elena on

    Just found your blog – it’s delightful! I lived in Korea for a year and miss it like crazy – I love seeing your photos and stories of things bizarre and/or uniquely Korean. Cheers ^^

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