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Back in spring of 2000 (or 1999, but it doesn’t matter!), I was home on a Saturday morning. My dad went to the back of the house, into the laundry room, which was also the foyer for our back entrance. My dad was getting ready to do the laundry when he opened the windows to look outside. Next, he called my mum and me over to the windows to look at the scenery from the second floor. This is what we all saw.

I kid you not. This seriously happened, in front of our house. We deduced that this driver somehow missed a turn or drove straight down from another hill and then became stuck there. Oh and have we mentioned drunk?

The sad part? It was someone affiliated with the US base, so, er, an American? Maybe not, but back then and even now, if the license plate had a 3- XXXXX that meant it was someone affiliated with the base . . .

The scary part? If that stairwell hadn’t gotten narrower, allowing the car to get stuck, the bloody car would have made a great explosion into the first story of our house, where our landlady lives. Well, maybe not, since we have a brick gate around it, but still. The impact would have been quite lasting in more than one way.

The funniest part? Apparently whoever drove themselves down there did it very quietly. The people who lived behind those black doors next to the car didn’t hear anything. We saw someone come out from the doors, glanced to their right, and did a double take at the car that greeted them. XD

The regretful part? I wished we’d stayed home to see how they got that car out! I imagine they somehow pulled it up from the top of the stairwell, but I have no clue. I do know that if they did pull it up from top, they’d have to use a long ass cord since the top to where the car stopped is about 200 feet, more or less, away. X__X;; All I know is that we left to go somewhere, and when we came back, the car disappeared.

Anyway, back then I said this was a great picture to use as a “Do Not Drink and Drive” campaign. I still stand by that thought. Even though this happened years ago, I decided to post this now. Posting all those whacky pictures in the previous entry reminded me of this incident. A funny incident, really. And yes, it is a true story with real images. I only manipulated the license plate.


  1. OMG, you should submit this to Failblog!

  2. That’s so funny how the car is stuck there. Luckily nobody was hurt.

  3. LOL Omigod if that happened to me I’d crawl into a hole and die of embarrassment. =S

  4. Trisha on

    that’s something you don’t see everyday!

  5. Amanda on

    …oh dear. Absolute epic fail…generating epic lulz from me! :P

  6. Jowah on

    epic lulz indeed. I think i would start rofling irl if i saw that XD

  7. Rebecca on

    hahaha he got LUCKY and got stuck! so funny though…

  8. Regina on

    That made me laugh haha. It is a great picture for the Do Not Drink and Drive campaign! XD

  9. That’s freaking hilarious! I’m glad no one got hurt.

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