Me Wants Weekend, Precious

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I hereby proclaim the following:

June needs a freaking three-day weekend. In fact all of the months, all twelve of them, should have at least one three-day weekend. March, April, June, and August — all of them must have a holiday in there! That is why I love September to February, where every month has at least one holiday or one three-day weekend or more! That’s one more reason to love autumn and winter.

Seriously. The last two weeks have dragged on like I was drowning in a boatload of maple syrup. I’m exhausted. The long days at work exhaust me. The children exhaust me. I get home, and I’m exhausted to do anything. I’m exhausted to the point that I can’t even think of any synonyms for the damn word “exhaust”; hence the damn repetition!

TGIF TOMORROW. Then I can relax a bit. Well, perhaps not since I have to work on my workplace’s monthly newsletter and work on Capriccio’s monthly update. Then next weekend, the glorious three-day weekend for Fourth of July, will be celebrated by sleeping, reading mangas, playing games, meeting friends, and recovering from my daily ordeal of working at the Centre for Disease Control AKA Day Care Centre. WHOO HOO!

On a totally random note: I joined NokoNoko a Nintendo gaming blog. Fear me! I shall dominate the world now. Mwahahaha. X____X;; Right. I seriously need sleep.


  1. Trisha on

    Taraaaaa yes I’m back LOL sorry for being away for far too long. Hopefully this time I’m staying for much, much longer than before! :D

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