TWEWY’s First Impression

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I finally decided to try out The World Ends With You.

Wow. I can handle the gameplay. Amazing. Of course most of it is, er, stylus mashing, but dude, I can play it. Along with Kingdom Hearts, Tales of Symphonia, and Tales of Phantasia, this is the first action-RPG game I’ve been able to play in a long time.

/BEGIN stream of consciousness style review . . .

The character’s designs are awesome. I like the premise of the plot. The characters seems so one-dimensional. What the hell is up with Neku, the main character — a gigantic emo mofo, being a new Squall from Final Fantasy VIII?! The battle system was confusing at first, but with practice, it gets better. The music isn’t all that captivating, yet. I wished the stylus was a little bit more responsive, especially towards that evil icicle pin move. I like the pin that lets you throw cars, motorcycles, and other stuff in the battle zone at the enemies. XD I absolutely, positively love how there are no random encounters. It’s like Chrono Trigger. I like how the food raises the stats. That’s just really odd, but it makes sense! AND HOMG. Playing this game reminds me of my visit to Tokyo. I want to go back there on a day that’s not rainy, where it was a pain walking around with thousands of people with umbrellas.

/END the nonsensical review . . .

In the meantime, my throat and or tonsils are acting up again. ARGH! Time to hit the sack. Hopefully NyQuil will help some.


  1. Must…get…TWEWY… haha, “a gigantic emo mofo”. I liked Squall actually XD

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