Vanity of the Glasses, Fringes, and Shoes

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I haven’t been this vain in ages.

I broke my glasses covering yesterday, after only having them for a few hours (don’t ask), so I had to go back and get it fixed today. While I waited for them to fight with those to get the new coverings on them, I decided to go trim my fringes since they were getting in the way.

After work, I headed to the PX on base to get a couple stuff. I stopped by the shoes section to see if they had anything new. I decided to get a pair of these. In black, mind you. Ever since I bought some black Crocs, I tried to find more “holey” shoes. I agree that Crocs are ugly. However, I can get away with wearing Crocs at work. Open-toed shoes are a big no-no, due to safety precautions, and these are the closet I can get to wearing slip-ons I love to wear.

So those were my vanities for the day. Unfortunately being vain has one gigantic disadvantage: IT COST MONEY.