Headphones Issues

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Adnama had posted about headphones problems. I think it’s contagious. Seriously, what are the likelihood of having two headphones crapping out on you? Headphone A has no sound coming from the right; Headphone B has no sound from the left. Both of these are used for Ubi, my DS-Lite. With both of them not working right, I panicked at the idea of Ubi crapping out on me. X_X;; Then I tried Hass’, the MP3 player, headphones, and the sound came out all right.

I am fortunate that it was headphones issues, but seriously, to have both of them dying on me: UNCOOL. Ah well.

Speaking of DS-Lite, the PX on base is finally carrying the cobalt and black DSes. I WANT. LIKE HOMG. The crimson and black one one did nothing for me, but the cobalt and black one? I WANT. I’d so get one for posterity. And I’d name it Cobi. Ubi and Cobi. I like the sound of it. Yes, I’m being purposely geeky.

Finally, to enhance TC’s geekiness, I’ve been replaying Apollo Justice. I’ve spent the last few weeks replaying Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations, and now this one. Oi. I’m so addicted to this series. It’s not effing funny. It’s official: it’s an addiction.


  1. Kristina on

    Eina had headphone issues too xD

  2. If that Crimson DS was completely red instead of half, I would like it a lot more. The Cobalt/Black does look pretty nice though XD

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