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I just joined You can find me here.

Anybody else uses that? Let me know!

Now, I really should go do the stuff that I’ve been meaning to do since I came home from work. X_X;; Computer and Internet are the best distractions on earth. Seriously. I’ve been home for an hour now, and I haven’t eaten, cleaned Grumpy’s cage, or even changed into something more comfortable. Bah. Next thing I know, I’ll get distracted by playing Gyakuten Saiban. Oh, Phoenix Wright, how I love you so. I simply cannot get away from you.


  1. Hiya! Speaking of sites, I’ve inquired about this with you before, but I’m going to do it again..
    I’ve decided for the umpteeth time that I’m totally going to get a site, but before I go all out on my own, I was hoping I’d get a lot of help from friends to, you know, actually do this thing. Not to say it will actually get done, but you know, pipe dreams..

    Explain to me (again) how ‘hosting’ works? If I was to ask you if you could host me, what does that mean exactly?

  2. Ah, YourSite. Here’s me. :3

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