New Monitor

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My dad got me a new LCD monitor.

Dell, again. 24 inches. WIDESCREEN.

… I do not like widescreen. When I watch DVDs, yes, I prefer widescreen. As for computer stuff? NO! I don’t like how my stuff on the screen is all stretched out. AUGH!

Maybe I’ll switch with his.

ETA: I think this is the link to the monitor.

ETA 2: OKAY. Updated stupid drivers. Changed the sodding thing to 1280×800. HOMG. No more computer tech stuff from this girl. I knew I was destined to be an absolute tard with stuff beyond computer softwares once I took Cisco Networking and this other evil hardware course in high school! Now let me get some sleep!

P.S.: Thanks to Dee and Cat. Thank you for being more versed in these stuff than I am!