Umbrella Metaphor

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Several years ago, a former classmate and friend of mine said this to me one day when we were walking home in the rain:

The umbrella is simply a metaphor for hopelessness. See, no matter how hard you try to keep yourself dry with one of them, you simply get wet. It’s hopeless, always a losing situation.

Now every time it rains, it reminds me of that statement, and I always think it’s true. Yes, the infamous monsoon season has started. I personally thought it started kind of early, and I mentioned it to my co-worker, and he said:

Haven’t you heard of global warming? Also, there’s El Nino.

Hahahaha. Silly me. Of course, global warming messes everything up. XD Well, maybe not, but I can see some truth in it. X_X;; Anyway, I walked home in the rain. It was quite fun. I think I might as well have gone swimming. BAH. Actually, the weather’s been really unpredictable the last couple of days. Rain, sunny, rain, sunny . . . make up your mind! Quit being such a bipolar bint! Then again, yelling at the weather is like yelling at a bunch of preschoolers. In other words, why bother?


  1. Enjoy the rain. There are some places on Earth that haven’t seen any in over 6,000 years. Yes, that is fact. It’s not that dry where I am at, but whenever it rains, I feel relief from the dry air :)

  2. I hate umbrellas. I’m not big on getting wet, either, but I’d rather get wet than lug an umbrella around with me.

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