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The subject line means “I’m back,” for those who might not know what I mean.

Yes, I’m home, and I’m glad to be home for one real reason:


. . . Yes, my tonsils crapped out on me while I was in Tokyo. Or should I call it Tokyo-llitis now? Whatever. Real update on the trip will come soon!


  1. Eileen on

    Okaeri, Tara!!!

    Hope you feel better soon. Can’t wait to here about your adventuuuures!

    (Btw, are you on FB? I’m getting back into it, lol)

  2. Kristine on

    Glad you made it back safe and sound! I hope you enjoyed your trip (besides the tonsillitis, of course T_T…). Get well soon! *hugs*

  3. Ooh that sucks! Bad timing, huh? Did it totally destroy your trip or just make it a little less enjoyable? Hopefully it was the latter. But at least you are home and safe :)

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