Economic Stimulus Act of 2008

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When I heard about this back in February, I was ecstatic. I already had plans of using that $300 either towards my Tokyo funds or towards my future, ever so elusive digital piano.

Then today, while Daddy was driving us home from work today, he said, “The government had made a mistake. A mistake that won’t hurt them but will hurt you.”

. . . I discovered that full-time college students who were claimed as someone’s dependents are ineligible for the rebate. This absolutely sucks donkey’s balls. My dad made a very good point on saying that college students, with their tuitions, textbook fees, and whatnot would have contributed to the economy with that rebate, which was the purpose of it in the first place! But no! College students are exempted because we have that whole “poor college students” image to keep up!

I know from personal experience that tuition and textbook costs are deadly to anyone’s bank account. I remember how I’d always be broke after paying for my share of these fees that would at most times leave my bank account less than $100 bucks every couple of months. Never mind that I did have some sort of a paying job, most of my hard-earned pay cheque went towards my college funds, and believe me when I say that even an extra $100 or $300 would have helped me out a whole lot, and any other college students out there. I may not be a political or economical genius, but even I can say that something like this is truly messed up.

Luckily, because of my dad’s generosity, he will forsake his $300 rebate and give it to me, but I know many families are not going to have that option. My sympathies to all college students who were expecting the rebate but got cheated out of it. I feel for you.


  1. Kristine on

    Yeah, tell me about it. What pissed me off more, though, was that my mom kept insisting that I would get a $600 check in the mail, even after both my dad and I explained to her that I was ineligible. Oh, Korean moms. :|

  2. hi :)

    I agree with you. I really need that money, right now, but won’t be receiving it, at all. Figures.

  3. Wow, that really sucks and isn’t very fair towards college students. Textbooks alone are so expensive that the extra money would definitely help them =T

  4. I spent my rebate in like two days. And I have nothing to show for it. :-(

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