Irrelevant Babbles

This post is old, so what you see here may not reflect my current opinion and mindset, certain information may be outdated, and links may be broken.

* I’m so possessed with thoughts of Japan, but yet it took me only until Friday to realise that it’s been almost 20 years (September marks that honour) since I’ve lived there in 1987 to 1988. WTF. That’s also the same year of the Seoul Olympics. Oi, I feel old.

* I met up with Eric and Autumnflame this week. What fun times. However, I hope to not go to Myeong-dong for the next couple months now. Three times in a week is three times too much. I’ve had my crowd quota filled nicely.

* I finally got off my lazy arse and started watching Kyo Kara Maou! since last Saturday or so. I’m annoyed that they started on a third season. Right now, I’m on the 56th episode. I developed a soft spot for Yozak and Gwendal. I just wished Gwendal’s name didn’t sound so similar to Grendel from Beowulf. How geeky of me. X_X;;

* I want my damned books I ordered through here. I ordered eight books, and seven of them are mangas, where five of them are volumes one through five of Junjou Romantica. Ten business days is far too long for shipping, if you ask me. *sighs*

* Speaking of mangas, when will I get this one other sodding manga I pre-ordered back in February that should have already been out last month?! I’m never pre-ordering again. It’s a pain in the bleeping arse, especially when the release dates are punted from its original ones.

* I think I need to sleep. I have a feeling that I sound pretty demented in this entry. Either it’s the lack of sleep or it’s a strange effect from the big spring clean-up at work on Saturday. OI. I think my hatred for Legos has gone up after having to clean those buggers amongst other chores.