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Regarding this entry, I urge you all to go get a pair of chopsticks, whether wooden, plastic, or metal, and try playing these two pieces just with that. If you succeed, do let me know! ^_^

On a more serious note, here are the sheet music that I want to share with whoever is interested. These are in .pdf formats, and er, quite slanty, but still readable.

Canon in C Major (103kb) – Really easy arrangement of Pachelbel’s Canon in the key of no sharps and flats.

Arni Village (Home) (44kb) – From Chrono Cross, and I am aware that the sheet music sounds NOTHING like the original, but . . . well, that’s why these are called arrangements.

Have fun sticking with them.

ETA: The PDFs are not slanty any more. YAY. Thanks to Adnama!