Procrast-Pseudo Arranger

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You know you are the world’s worst . . .

Lazy Arse

because of the following:

It takes you over two bloody years to finish arranging Johann Pachelbel’s Canon in D major into C major. This occurs when one is too lazy to deal with sharps and flats in their key signature. This personal project took forever to complete because for the past two years, once in a blue moon, you find the energy to plug in your keyboard and plunk it next to you to figure out the notes that needs to be “written” down. Plus, it took this long because in the past several years, you spent your time modifying and re-modifying your rendition of this overrated piece into your liking. Lastly, only a damn music nerd will understand what you have just written.

Meh. I am lame. XD Now with Pachelbel’s Canon and Chrono Cross’ “Home Arni Village” piece, I’ve “arranged” two things to add to my ever-so slowly growing repertoire. And no, before you get the wrong idea, these arranged pieces are BLOODY easy. They are not arranged at the level of Mozart. I am not that great. These were done just for fun; albeit it takes a long time to finish. X_X;;

ETA: This is all being referred to piano music.


  1. But you did it – whether it took you two days or two years, you did it. That’s productivity! (at a crawling pace, but productivity nevertheless).

    Well done!

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