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Yesterday, my friends, Sarah and Ahmi, and I booked our Japan trip finally for May 23 ~ May 26. With the flight, hotel, taxes and fees, and travel protection fees, we each had to pay $730. We will be staying in Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu in downtown Tokyo.

The best part? I didn’t have to pay for the hotel and flight. My dad offered to pay for it as my graduation present. I only have to provide my own spending and souvenir money.

I need to start researching some stuff to do along with what we vaguely have planned. So far, we know that we want to go to Tokyo Tower, Meiji Shrine, this one temple, this Nintendo store near Ueno Park, Otome Road, Akihabara, a Kabuki Theatre place in Ginza, find an all-night karaoke place, walk around Shinjuku, Roppongi, and Shibuya, and eat foods like yakitori, katsudon, takoyaki, and etcetera.

Now I just hope we can sort out some issues. Then I can fully look forward to this awesome trip. BUT HOMG. Can I squeal with happiness, anyway?


  1. Kudarania on

    Wow, lucky. That trip sounds like fun! I wish I could make it out to Japan someday – but it’s really expensive and my parents aren’t as lavish with money as yours are. D: I hope you have a great time~

  2. Aahh, I’m jealous! I would love to make a trip like that some day. That’s awesome that your dad is paying for it too. I hope you have a fun and great trip!

  3. OMG you lucky S.O.B. you!! I can’t believe that you’re actually going to Japan. I wish I could go to japan but I have noone to go with me. Unless I save up for the year 2010. Which I might do. Anyway, good luck on everything you do. Btw, I’m gonna IM you in a minute. See you soon.

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