Apollo Justice

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I beat the game in less than a week, and I met the grand finale today at about three in the morning. Not really good since I had to wake up in three hours to go to work. Yes, I’m bloody insane.

Objection! Why is playing a game you’ve been dying to play considered insane?

*shrugs* Beats me. I guess in some people’s mind it would be insane. Anyway, may I continue with my testimony without being interrupted? I can? Thank you. Oh, by the way, this will be filled with contradictions for both the defence and the prosecutor to have a field day with, but there is a method to my madness, so may I recommend you let me finish first?

The Goods
– Hobo!Phoenix + Cryptic!Phoenix + Craptacular-Piano-Playing!Phoenix = LOVE.
– Zak and Valant Gramarye were awesome. Including the song that would pop up whenever Valant came on screen.
– Plum and “Big Wins” Kitaki were made of the win. I want Plum’s broom.
– The X-Ray machine thing in the final case was really cool to investigate with.
– Apollo’s “Objection!” theme proved to be rather addicting. XD
– I liked how the cases all connected. None of them felt like they were filler cases like *cough* the second game or case 2 and 3 of the third game.
– The whole switching between the past and the present thing in the final case was rather interesting.
– Seeing cameo characters were always nice.
– I actually liked Mr. Hat!

The Bads
– Apollo was okay, but I preferred Phoenix.
– Klavier was not Miles, Godot, or Franziska. End of story.
– Except for the last case, the other three cases felt way too short.
– In the first case, the victim seemed way out of character . . .
– The main villain seemed way too one-dimensional. I felt as if the character’s back story was not strong enough to prove to me why they acted like that.
– Ema and Trucy were a tad bit annoying.
– The Judge was still his dense self.

The Uglies
– Seriously. Apollo bloody Justice? Could they not come up with a better name?
– WTF. The final case was awesome until it reached the end. They left so many questions unanswered. Capcom better make a damn sequel to this.
– WTF, Phoenix. What was with the grape juice?!
– WHERE WAS MY MILES EDGEWORTH!? (*$#)_*#$_))#$)(*_*)#$

I. Want. Gyakuten. Saiban. Five. NOW. On a more coherent note, it was actually interesting, and even though I had my doubts on playing as a new protagonist, it worked out decently. However, I wished this game tied in with the previous three games, especially like the Fey sisters (as much as they annoyed me) and MILES.

Defence and Prosecutor’s Response
. . . No objection, your honour. This testimony proves that the witness is a very demented girl.

Totally Random Note
My tax refund came in. Must go cash it, and buy some grape juice stuff!


  1. I still need to get that game… what?! No EDGEY??

  2. OMFG…………………………………………………………..
    Phoenix as a lawyer….
    Or Iris?!
    PLZ Bring Mia Edgey and Iris back PLZ!!!! DAMMIT
    and mabye make phoenix a lawyer again… :(

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