Professor Layton and the Curious Village

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While I impatiently wait for my replacement copy (and hopefully that doesn’t get lost) of Apollo Justice, I finally decided to play Professor Layton and the Curious Village. Here’s a brief babbling of a review for the game.

The Goods
– Loved Layton. Such an interesting character.
– The art style was actually quite nice, despite the overall sepia palette.
– Whimsical music, but I wished there was more tracks and variety, but it worked out nicely.
– I’m in love with Layton’s voice — even though my first impression of it felt like the voice was too old for his character . . . but it grew on me.
– The plot, despite its simplicity and predictability, pulled off nicely, and I was deeply touched by Baron Reinhold’s actions. Just. Wow.
– Don Paolo, as evil he was, he actually amused me. He reminded me of the Cornstalker from Touch Detective 2 1/2. XD

The Bads
– Whenever the FMVs came on, the quality looked rather low. I felt like at some point I was watching some Youtube video with awful quality. o_O;;
– The programme reads the touch screen’s inputs in a very strange manner. It was rather amusing whenever you had to write something in the game, and the game gave you a letter or a number before you finished or gave you something way off the target.

The Uglies
– I hated the puzzles. I hate brain teasers.
– And why do brain teasers have to be math-related? There were way too many of those in the game.
– The freaking tower scared me. I could not believe something asymmetrical as that thing managed to stay up in the first place!

. . . Yes, I admit to playing the game entirely with a walkthrough. Call me lazy, call me stupid, but I played the game more for its plot and characters. I’ve always been more into that rather than the actual game play of any game, and unfortunately, this game was way too puzzle-oriented. O_O;; With emphasis on puzzles that I could not solve without the help of a walkthrough. X_X;; Yes, I’m not the world’s ideal gamer. Plus, I always knew my brain did not have the IQ of Einstein’s or of a cheese’s, but brain teasers and I never did quite get along. Even as a kid, I hated them. Therefore, why did I even bother playing this? Good question. I think I was lured in by the mystery of the plot.


  1. I love puzzle games, so that’s actually what drew me to this one XD;; I haven’t tried it yet though (put in an order for it today!)

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