Immune System, Have Mercy

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My immune system has definitely collapsed ever since I started working at my new job. For someone who’d only get sick at least twice a year, I’ve been getting sick enough for a lifetime. The stupid seasonal change isn’t helping either, much less the damned yellow dust from the Gobi Desert.


Plus, I am pissed off at my postal service. Where the hell is my sodding game Amazon shipped off almost two weeks ago as Priority Mail!? I want Apollo Justice NOW.

Being sick definitely means being crabby. I haven’t been this bitchy for a while now. Then again, my body is turning against me, so I blame all my mood changes on hormonal effects which is being affected through all these damned viruses and bacteria.


  1. Getting sick definitely sucks. I hope it’s not something at your work that’s causing it. That would make working… not so fun, heh. I hope you’re feeling better though!

    The post office can be so frustrating at times =O Twice, I never got my package. (And one time, I ended up with an empty envelope because someone took the contents out!)

  2. Make sure to drink plenty of water and try Airborne! I’m sick for the first time in three years. Airborne is really working wonders.

  3. Kristina on

    I feel your pain :(
    Get well soon!

  4. Popp's Lover on

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    hahah~~ I hope your feeling better! Sorry that I didn’t call on Sunday. I was at the movies and got back really late. Imma try calling you this Sunday so hopefully we could talk then! Mwahhhhhhhhh!!!

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