Goodbye Isn’t Forever

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. . . Right. My brain knows that, but my heart doesn’t. The last ten or so days were the best times I’ve had in ages. Usually, when I say goodbye to people who leave the country or whatnot, I’m not really affected by it so much. This comes from the fact that I’ve been raised in an environment where people come and go. Plus with the rise of the Internet, keeping contacts with friends is so much easier than the old snail mail days.

However, that doesn’t mean I enjoy saying goodbye. Especially to a best friend. I’ve spent the last week and a half with my dearest friend, making me feel like we were back in our old high school days, and it was incredibly hard saying goodbye to that. I just came back from taking her to the airport with her aunt, and damn I hated that bus ride to the airport. I hated it. I wished she hadn’t gone back to Guam. Never mind the fact that she’s planning on another visit here in a few months, I wished she could have stayed.

. . . Fat chance.

Oh well. I’ve spent practically every night with her, eating out, going drinking, singing our hearts out at No Rae Bangs, sleepovers at my place for good old girl talks . . . Bye bye to that. Now I’m back to the old monotonous schedule of working and bumming around on the computer. At least I’ll have my DS-games to keep me occupied . . . especially Apollo Justice. However, I’d so give up most of my computer times and DS-games to be with her every day.

On a happier note, I got myself a new hairdo. Originally, I just wanted to trim my fringes and dye my hair a lighter shade. I did that, but I also chopped off a bunch of my hair (WAH!) for a shaggy cut. It surprisingly came out nice, but next time I won’t chop off too much of it. X_X;; Ah well, I look prettyful, more or less!


  1. Pictures of your hair? I’ve wanted to dye my hair a lighter brown for a while (it’s that weird colour that’s not black, but such a dark brown it might as well be black).

  2. Popp's Lover on

    My love!! I’m so sorry to hear that Mi son left..=( I’m glad that you guys had a blast tho! I wish I was there so we could go underwear shopping~ hahah.. I wanna see your new hair cut! I bet it looks sexy as hell!! Imma email you later but cheer up okay?! Miss you!!

  3. Aaaw, it’s always sad when people you love leave. :(

    I bet your hair looks great! I don’t have the courage to get mine cut.

  4. I find goodbyes hard too, even if I know I’m going to see that person again soon. It always feels like something is missing right after they leave.

    Your new haircut sounds cool though! Oh, and sorry about not telling you about my new blog! I left the url in the last comment I left here, and totally forgot to mention it XD;;

  5. Aww…that sucks. One of my best friends recently moved to California to attend med school and it sucks (not that she went to med school, but that I dont actually get to see her). The last two weeks before she left, we spent every waking moment together, we had a blast. I miss her =[

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