Sweet Potato, Coke, and Dog Food

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Those three items looks really tasty, don’t they? *gags*

In regards to the entry below about me obtaining the cum laude status . . .

I told my mother in Korean that I received “cum laude,” the quoted word in English. I know I have speech problems, but not to the point that my own mother cannot decipher my words!

She heard “cum laude” like 군고구마 (Goon Goh Goo Mah = Baked sweet potato). I repeated it again, and then she heard CULA and transposed it to COLA. X_X;;

Then, last night Mi Son and I ate dinner at a kebab place in my neighbourhood, Istanbul. We told her we had some “kebab.” First she heard it as 초밥 (Cho Bab = Sushi or something like that). Then she said 개밥 (Gae Bab = Dog Food).

. . . Needless to say Mi Son, my mum, and I had a real good laugh from these weird things. Like Mi Son said, my mum is hilarious without even trying. Nonetheless, I will never forget the day where I’ve been considered to be a sweet potato and a coke. *shakes head*