A Proud Nerd

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After two months of impatiently waiting for an answer to what should have been a simple question, I finally got the answer I seeked.

I’m a cum laude, an honors graduate from University of Maryland University College with the grade point average of 3.85.

I am inching closer to deciding on walking in my commencement. I don’t care how bloody nerdy it will be of me, but I will wear that ugly golden-yellow honour graduate stole with my honour societies stoles and cords. Like Sarah had said once, she wanted to graduate with her blings, and I figured since I am not a flashy person to begin with, for my commencement, I should have all the blings.

However, my tassel for my cap will not be the 2008 one. I graduated in 2007, so I will re-use my tassel from my commencement last year for this year commencement if I decide to walk.

But yay for me. Yay for being a nerd and damn proud of it.


  1. Wow, congrats on the honors! You should totally bling out at graduation. You earned it, so you should show it off =D

  2. Congratulations!!! Well done. :-)

  3. I’m assuming that 3.85 is good?
    Congratulations xD

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