How to Scream Like an Idiot

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– Have a long week at work and an equally long day of work on a Friday. Check.

– Go to a HOF you constantly frequent with a good friend. Check.

– Order some apple soju cocktail and start to get pissed buzzed. Check.

– Get your caller waiting to go off while talking on the cell phone. Check.

– Become annoyed at the annoying beeping noise of the said caller wait. Check.

– Receive a text message after the aggravating beeping sounds. Check.

– Read the text message and stare at it in a dumbfounded manner. Check.

– Continue to stare at it and then whisper, “Oh my, Gods.” Check.

– In a strangle voice say “It’s Mi Son — she’s in Korea.” Check. (Who, by the way, is my best friend currently living in Guam.)

– Ignore your friend’s confused “what” and call the number back. Check.

– After getting Mi Son on the phone, in a controlled (somewhat) voice, scream the following: I’m going to fucking kill you. OMG. When did you get here? I’m going to fucking kill you. Why did you not tell me you were coming? OMG. I can’t believe you’re here, this can’t be possible, but I don’t fucking care since you are! I will fucking kill you when I see you!!!!! Check.

– Finish my crap on the computer, open up my packages, and sleep for a busy day tomorrow. Check.

*stops hyperventilating* Wow. What a surprise. I cannot believe she’s here. OMG. She’s here until February 26. If I disappear, you know what I’m doing. OMFG. Somebody up there loves me. I don’t know who or what, but they do. Oh man. The next ten days will be absolutely, positively, infinitely awesome that words will fail me. Instead, I will squeal and scream like the bloody idiot I am.


  1. LoL
    sounds like you have a busy cellphone life
    i dont have a busy cell phone life
    AT ALL lol

  2. Aww, I always love that feeling of being surprised by a friend like that :) Have fun!

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