Vanity, V-Day, and Vino

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V for Vendetta V for whatever BS TC will type below:

In general, I am not a vain person. I could careless about my appearance as long as I look clean and my clothes are not horribly colour coordinated. But if there is one thing I am vain about is my hair.

My one true vanity is my hair, yet I absolutely hate it.

Since I’m Asian, I am cursed with the typical black hair gene of my ancestors. I. HATE. BLACK. HAIR. At least on myself. I wished my hair was a lighter colour, and I look better in light shades, too! Unfortunately, though, even if I tried to dye it to like light brown or so, it always turns out orangey. The only way to get the colour I want is to bleach it entirely and then re-dye it. That is surely the best way to go bald with all the chemical damages to my hair.

Also, like most Asians, my black hair is straight. I. HATE. STRAIGHT. HAIR. Curling my hair with a curler does not work. My hair refuses to stay curly unless it’s permed, and that’s also very damaging to my hair.

BLARGH. The only thing I really love about my hair is that it’s long and it’s somewhat thick. And it’s sort of has volume, especially with my fringes. They don’t lie straight on my forehead like some people does, apparently. But then again, I constantly swipe it back to my head and let it fall

Anyway, enough of that. Happy Crappytine’s Day, everyone. In lieu of the commercialised holiday, here’s another nerdy TC moment: I was very amused at work to see how many people forgot the apostrophe S after Valentine. MWAHAHAHAHA. God. Being an English major sucks sometimes. Oh well. At least I have some candy and a big heart-shaped box filled with chocolate, thanks to several parents at my workplace and my daddy!

Ah, soon I shall get my dad to open up the bottle of Dezzani’s Il Dolce Bianco (Sweet White Wine) and my parents and I will have some. That’s one damn good wine, and this is coming from a person who cares less about wine and whatnot! The wine is really cheap, too. Five bucks for a bottle? That’s not bad at all.

ETA: *stabs the stupid weird wine prong that refused to get the cork out* I hate corks. Why the hell can’t all wine bottles just come with a regular screw cap to make people’s lives easier? Now the wine will wait until a real corkscrew comes into the house and STAY in a place where it will be accessible instead of disappearing into a thousand hiding places in the house.


  1. I’m just the opposite. My hair is the bane of my existence BECAUSE it isn’t Asian and straight! I was born with a head of black curls, but by the time I was in elementary school it straightened out and it was sleek and shiny and pretty. And then when I got to junior high it started curling around my temples (WHICH. I. HATED.). I had my hair chemically straightened twice, which I loved while it was straight but hated when it grew out. Now I just want to keep my hair really short because it seems the most manageable that way. (Like…Audrey Hepburn short.) My hair is currently shoulder-length but it’s at that icky point where it’s no longer short enough to fall flat but is giving me wavy-frizzy way-too-much-volume triangle head. My hair is ridiculously thick.

    However, I do like my hair colour. It’s a dark red-brown. Sometimes I wish it were just a wee-bit lighter though.

  2. Black hair is gorgeous!
    I just have blonde. Loads of people have blonde hair.

    Plus you get all the dumb blonde jokes :P

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