2007 Income Tax

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Last night I fiddled around with my calculator and the 1040EZ form. I ended up with a number, to which I decided to try and get the same result on the on-line tax calculator.

Next two hours later, I did the following: curse and scream at my brain for being stupid to do math, and found another on-line tax calculator, and studied the two vastly different results displayed in front of me.

My calculation ended up with $200. The two on-line tax calculators gave me $500. I deemed myself too stupid to even get my income tax right. (Btw: these are not the actual numbers.)

Tonight, I had my dad do my income tax and see where the hell I went wrong with my calculations. He looked at it and came back and said that my calculations were right. I gave him a bewildered stare and asked, “Then how come there’s a huge $300 discrepancy from the on-line stuff?!”

His brilliant answer: The on-line calculators didn’t take into consideration on whether you were a dependent of someone or not. Since you’re a dependent of me, it cost you $300 bucks.

…Duh. *smacks forehead* At least I am not totally hopeless with numbers if I got it right the first time.

Unfortunately, right after I regained my intelligence back, I discovered something that thoroughly pissed me off for a bunch of reasons. These “adult” responsibilities are not cool. I screamed in the computer room saying, “I want to go back to college! I want to be an undergrad student again!”

Seriously. I want to go back to the life I enjoyed and loved in 2003-2007. Being a student was so much better. BLARGH!


  1. Kristina on

    Bah, I don’t want to grow up now :P

  2. Ugh, same here, I wish I was still a college student =( I’ll have to look at my tax stuff soon too.

    (By the way, long time no see! My blog will be coming back from the dead soon XD;; )

  3. Jennifer Sinquah on

    Hi, i know this is weird, but I googled “Sheila Creed” and got ur blog. I worked at ACS in Yongsan 2001ish til 2003. She was in a play that I directed and we toured to Germany. If you happen to know her, please pass along my contact info, myspace or something. I really appreciate it.

    I really enjoyed working with her and thought she was talented. Anyways, I’m living in Kansas of all places and thought of her recently.

    If you don’t know her, then I’m sorry for troublin’ ya. take care,

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