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Happy Birthday to me — well it was my birthday on the 19th. I’ve turned 23. HOMG. Two more years and I’ll be a quarter of the century old. O_O;; That’s a very scary thought. Anyway, here’s the obligatory birthday entry. Keep in mind that normally I would have blogged that day… but certain circumstances made me wait. Here it is, though, and the best way to describe my birthday in one word: Technology.

Fellow Capricorners Love to Spoil Me
My two new co-workers (the ones who I actually work with for 99% of the time) gave me a neat compact mirror and a hoodie sweatshirt along with some cash. Woot! It’s kind of funny how all three of us have birthdays in January. One was on the 5th, the 16th, and me, the 19th. Us Capricorners stick with each other, coincidentally.

Card, Cash, and Miyuk Guk
I woke up to the sounds of piano playing in my apartment complex at 10:00 am. I still cannot believe that any normal person would say 10:00 am is a decent time. NO. I stumbled into the living room where my dad greeted me with a, “Good morning! Did you fall out of bed or something?” I grunted in response and got some coffee computer time. I received a card from my parents, which is a bit odd since they never did that before. I’m not complaining, though. The card had $100 and 50,000 won. Woot! Then my mother fed me some Miyuk (seaweed?!) soup — which Koreans believe that people must eat that on their birthday for good health year long or something like that.

The First Mission: My Poor Ears
The first thing on my agenda was to meet up with Sarah and AJ at Emart to look for an mp3 player. After I sneakily hitched a ride with my dad (who claims that me working as a government employee has made me more cunning than ever!), I met them and a tagalong who AJ met at Yongsan Station, where we went a hunting for that elusive mp3 player. After visiting several vendors, who many weren’t approachable and friendly, I finally found a vendor who was very nice and patient. This is my new baby: Blaster the black mp3 player. I decided to call it that because when the vendor let me listen to the sound quality, the volume was bloody loud, hurting my poor ears in the process. The best part? It was 65,000 won, about $65. The website sells it for 99,000, so I really got a bargain. The funny thing is I was consulting Sarah about all this, and when I relayed the price to her, the vendor asked if I thought that was too expensive. I was amused and touched that he cared about his customer’s satisfaction.

Unexpected Side-quest
Sarah was looking for this game accessories, so we headed to the video game alley, which is next to this evil cell phone alley. Once there, we asked around and had no luck in finding what she wanted. However, we found something I’ve been wanting. This little bugger was being sold for 65,000 won, when I thought Emart was selling it for 100,000 won. Let’s just say the fact that the price alone convinced me to get it. Now that I have that in my collection, erm, HOMG I’ll be a bigger video game fanatic? I’ve already spent hours on Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords and Cooking Mama with more games to try and be addicted to in the coming days. X_X;; Oh, and I calculated that I saved about $800 from trying these games where about half of them are ones I’d have waste by buying.

The Expected Dinner and Happy Hour
Finally done in Emart, the three of us then went on base to Dragon Hill Lodge, where we ate at Greenstreet. Now we purposely chose that place to get the tiramisu monster. Unfortunately, they didn’t have it. *sighs* Oh well. Going to Bless U to get some drinks helped me get over my disappointment. While there, the three of yakked away, and AJ introduced Sarah to Dethklok and Metalocalypse or however you bloody spell that. Fun times. Great way to end the evening.

The Grand Finale: Hass the Cellphone
Remember my post before about me getting new batteries for my cellphone? That didn’t quite work out. The place I go to said that they’d give me a new cellphone for a great deal of $150 plus half of the activation fee to get a new cellphone on a new provider. This painful ordeal, was supposed to be my birthday present by Friday, started last Wednesday. I went there on Friday and they told me that the process is delayed since they didn’t have all the information from me. They told me to come back today.

When I got there today, they told me that the transferring of providers was hell because the company is a bigoted bunches towards foreigners in Korea. (*$@#_*_)#()#@ The vendor offered me another option: get one of their best used phone for $110 and take away the activation fee charges and keep the current provider and get a cheaper package deal. I succumbed to their offer since I was sick of all these BS. Because of the trouble I went through to get this phone, I decided to name the thing Hass, short for Hassle. The link is not the actual model, but it looks like that so there.

In less than a week, I spent $240, give or take, on techno gadgets. I probably spent another $60 on the dinner and drinks, so that’s about $300. Wow. o_O;; Welp, time to just work and make more money to replenish my funds for more stuff I want. XD

In the meantime, someone PLEASE get me away from my DS. HOMG. I cannot stay off of it. It’s really bad since I have a module I need to complete for work and finish editing a fic that’s due February 1, and that’s with an extension!

…AUGH! Aside from my addictions … Thank you for all your birthday wishes! I really appreciate them. :3


  1. WOOT! Happy birthday Tara! Neat presents, I’ve been wanting an R4 myself, since I heard you could make your NDS watch movies and read manga (and a load of other cool stuff) on them! I’d love to get one as soon as I make more money. It’s great that you are getting so much use out of your NDS!

  2. Kristina on

    Happy Birthday =]

  3. Well at least it sounds like you had a lot of fun! Birthdays are awesome and totally worth the trouble, I think. ;P

    Glad you got most of the things that you wanted. <3

  4. I’m kinda late but… HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :-D

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