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Unless you’re hosted on Dreamhost, most of you will not really know the whole story to the recent uproar occurring in the small section of the net.

This past Tuesday, I came home to receive a very scary email. The email was from DH Billing Team, saying that they’ve charged my account $170ish bucks or so. That confused me and then I saw that my hosting has been renewed to August 2009. My confusion went quickly to an appalled state. I actually thought someone hacked into my account.

Before I was about to send a panicky support message to them, I saw that on the support page, there was a notice that DH was aware of these incorrect billing issues. Then I went to their status blog and read up on the current status. At the time I read it, the severity issue was medium, but then after several people commented that the issue here was definitely not medium but high, they changed it. Apparently, something happened where instead of putting 2007 in the biller programme they had, they put 2008, causing many customers to be charged for the extra months and the grand total was $7.5 million dollars.

…Ouch. Anyway, they wrote up this entry to explain what had exactly happened. Now keep in mind that their blog is very sarcastic, so this entry was quite on the “funny” side. Well, many became unhappy with the “insensitive” and “unprofessional” approach to the entry. This entry, along with the previous issue of the severity issue, caused much wank.

While that was going on when I was asleep in ZZZ-land, DH went around fixing the said problem since when I woke up, I received an email that my previous charges has been dropped and whatnot. Now, apparently because of so many people’s response to the first blog entry, DH wrote up another entry to counter the previous one. This one is more professionally written and yadada.

As a paying customer myself, I can see why so many are pissed off about this issue. Quite frankly, though, aside from the initial “Oh, crap, I’ve been hacked,” it really didn’t faze me. I admit that it is a weird thing about me. In the past, whenever DH did run into a few issues, I never really got utterly and enormously infuriated with them. I mean, sure, I get the usual annoyed feelings when I can’t access my website or FTP because of downtimes, but I also realise that no damn hosting company is going to have their server up for 100% of the time. That’s bloody impossible.

So to follow that logic, I realise that DH is still a company, a company ran by humans, and we all know humans are NOT perfect, no matter how some of us claims to be perfect in every single way. Perhaps it is because of that notion, I’ve always calmly went along with their problems, knowing that they will fix it eventually. Or perhaps I’m just biased. I have been with them since 2001, and honestly, I’ve never had major problems with them.

Yes, DH perhaps should not have written that first entry — never mind the fact that I like their sarcastic and humorous entries — but you know… wank is just something I’ll never understand. People have the right to be angered by these incorrect billing issues, they have the right to be pissed off by the “unprofessional” entry, but to spend hours wanking about it? I just don’t get it.

Until DH really tick me off to the other galaxies, I will stay with them. I like their services. I like the ease of their system (I’ve tried that stupid CPanel thing on other people’s domain — and I can’t get used to it.). I like their snark-filled newsletters and blog entries. I have not been displeased yet, so no point in leaving a host that I’ve respected for years now.


  1. Kristina on

    I’ve heard lots of different opinions of DH.
    I would probably have been really irritated if I was you.

  2. They’ve revised their blog entry to a more serious tone. But honestly, DH is making every effort to refund everyone as soon as possible. Even paying their overdraft fees and allowing customers a full refund if they decide to leave.

    Not many companies would do that. Not many would even do a public announcement like that or allow public commenting.

    Unfortunately with this incident, DH will have to be very careful in the future about what they do. If they make any more mistakes, they’re going to lose their reputation as a good hosting server.

    I wanted to say this before, but congrats on your first credit card!!!!!!! Hehe.

  3. I guess Dreamhost was just too perfect to be true. Though for the record they didn’t screw up my billing at all, even though they sent me an e-mail saying that they had overcharged me… I think they actually undercharged me.

  4. Yes, indeed. That was some crazy stuff. I was getting ready to take a short drive to their offices in Hell-A and deliver my strongly worded letter in person. But then they fixed the problem.

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