Ways to Save and Spend Money

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The TC version.

Have a list of stuff you want, which in my case is:

* Digital piano 88-key Electric keyboard that comes with a pedal, has weighted keys, sounds like a damn piano, and comes with its own sound system installed in the machine instead of hooking it up to a separate amp. This requires me to go to Nagwon with a musically-inclined uncle. The best part? After years of pestering for a digital piano, Daddy relented and convinced me to just get a keyboard, and he will get this for me as a birthday present.

* An mp3 player that’s not a bloody iPod. This shall be my birthday present to myself. Time to go with friends to Electronic Market and hope I find a decent one. Preferably 2 gigabytes flash drive that plays mp3. I have no need for a multi-media player that plays everything nowadays.

* Two trips to Japan in May and August/September. I am hoping the one in May will be considered a graduation present from my daddy. The one occurring later will be paid by me.

* Pre-order stuff online. I’ve decided to place an order for two games, Apollo Justice and Professor Layton, for the DS with a manga.

* Go use a $25 giftcard at a bookstore in Itaewon. Unfortunately, the three books I want will not be entirely covered by the card, so I still have to fork over some money. Oh well. At least I saved like 75%? XD

* I bought two new batteries for my cellphone. Having spent $76 bucks on it, I wonder if I should have just gotten a new phone and go through the hassle of obtaining a new number and getting used to the new system. Really, though, the only thing wrong with my current cellphone was the stupid batteries.

After listing the stuff you want, study the list and try to figure out how much you are spending and saving at the same time. Hopefully, you will have figured out what you saved and spent. If not, you will be just like me, scratching on the top of the head and going “Phwee?” like an idiot.


  1. Hi there! Haven’t seen you in ages! Hehe. They keyboard you want sounds spiffy.

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