PW3 and Credit Card

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Two major things happened to me today.

At 1:30am, I beat the third game in the Ace Attorney series, also known as Gyakuten Saiban 3 or Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations. My verdict on the game?

Definitely better than the second instalment, meaning it was just as good as the first one. I loved how the game tied up the past, making it feel like a real series… I mean the second one had set some stuff in motion for the third part smack down, but the third just really brought it together.

Godot was an amazing addition to the cast. Playing as the young Mia was awesome. She’s definitely my favourite from the Fey clan… especially compared to Maya, who I just cannot stand. It was great that they brought in Miles and Franziska; without these two, I felt like the series would not have been fully complete! But the biggest thing that got me was just how EVIL the main antagonist of the … entire series is, pretty much. I mean, that character, to me, is even more evil than Lord Voldemort.

…BUT WHY DID IT HAVE TO END?! GUH. I was glad and unhappy when I beat the game this morning. Such a great series. I just hope the fourth instalment will be just as good as the other three.

So that was this morning. Fast forward sixteen hours later at 5:30pm. Dad picked me up, and I saw that I had some mail. One of them consisted of my new credit card. My first credit card. The first card that I owned to scare the living shite out of me.

Yes, I’m afraid of credit cards. I honestly did not want one. I even decided that these cards are even more sinfully evil when I was trying to sign up for one. Basically, my bank gave me a HARD time by telling me all these qualifications that I had to pass. $#)*)$_#)$ But that already set my mood for my future plastic card: despair, anger, frightened, and confused.

Despair that my bank gave me hell to get a damn card. Anger that it was a pain to get it. Frightened because I’ve heard enough about credit card debts to prefer debit cards. Lastly, I’m confused on how the hell I’m suppose to pay it off. X_X;; I know I do it online, but until I actually accomplish it ONCE, I will be confused by the process. Oi. I hope I can figure it out without mucking myself and looking like an idiot.

Interestingly, enough, my credit card has a point system on it. A system that I honestly don’t quite get except for the part that every dollar I spend, I earn a point. Honestly, the whole banking process just confuse me. Something tells me I should have taken some financial courses in my educational career… but then again I have a feeling I’d still be a financial and economical moron despite taking some courses. Economics, politics, and math: my three worst subjects ever. Oh, and PE.

Yes, I be weird.


  1. Heather on

    The fact that you’re scared of your credit card means that you’ll be fine! I’ve seriously had friends say things like “I can’t wait to get a credit card so I can spend money I don’t have.” Personally, I think credit is a lot easier to manage because money comes out of your bank account all at once, and when you see the charges adding up, you spend less. Have a good time!

  2. Belinda on

    I finished the first case in PW3 today! I thought it was pretty good for a “tutorial” case. I can’t wait to get into the second one. :3

  3. Kristina on

    At the moment I just have a debit card. Much less scary. When I’m older, though, I can tell I’ll be all panicky about getting a credit card. It’s the paying off bit that scares me, too. V_V

    Good luck ^^;

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