2007 Review

This post is old, so what you see here may not reflect my current opinion and mindset, certain information may be outdated, and links may be broken.

Ah, the annual year-in-review post. I must say that this year was quite interesting, now that I look back at what had occurred… the goods and the uglies.

January: Started off the new year with a lot of socialising with various different friends. Encountered a “blizzard” earlier in the month. I became a member of Alpha Sigma Lambda honour society. Despite the happy start to the month, I ran into some bad luck with my job and money problems. Still I had a decent birthday with ice cream cake and a bunch of serenading, and even made a new friend, AJ! I even watched Waterboys, Swing Girls, Gohatto, and Angel’s Feather and created two new fanlistings dedicated to Formula 17 and Enter the Phoenix. To end the month, I dyed my hair and groused about the upcoming hell term.

February: At the beginning of my dismal month, I discovered the official release date for the final Harry Potter book and squealed in excitement. Apparently that allowed me to pay attention to some news since I ranted about these “panelists” talking crap about Atheists, and I talked about how I felt out of the loop for not knowing certain cartoons and shows were released on DVDs. I finally received a break in the middle of the month after 20-straight days of no day off. To that, I bought Ar Tonelico as a gift to myself and an illustrated children’s Bible for my class. Along with that, I received my income tax return cheque, met Brian with Sarah and Ahmi, ranted about how I didn’t know what classes to take, and realised just how sneaky my rabbit is by escaping when the door is not locked. Lastly, I made two more FLs for Swing Girls and Waterboys after watching it last month.

March: I found out I rocked both of my classes’ midterm by scoring the highest in both classes. To back up my happy mood, I brought a custom-made silver ‘Snarky’ ring in Insa-dong and created yet a new FL to Louis Armstrong. Then I received an invitation to join Phi Kappa Phi, read a wonderful book called “The Old Capital” by Kawabata Yasunari, and had my debit card, transportation card, and my money stolen from my wallet at my job. After finding out the scumbag who stole it, I went through angst and finally landed in the MP station to report the scumbag like I should have earlier. Along with that BS, something went wrong with my WP, where it decided to be incompatible with my current theme, so I reverted back to the default theme. Then I finally received a day off after 18-straight days of work and school, rocked both of my classes with an A, rped with my friend, and had a wonderful sleepover with Sarah and Ahmi, where we discovered how cool a Wii is. Oh, and I had the world’s longest nap: 11 hours.

April: Shared my ghetto spaghetti recipe. Then I had “spring break” where I had a business dream to open up a anime/video game themed cafe, toured around DLI 63 Building and Seoul Grand Park Zoo with Sarah and her visiting dad, and groused about Advanced Expository Writing and my online Japanese Life and Culture class, thus a lot of procrastination on my part. Sadly, Kurt Vonnegut passed away. Strangely, I wore a skirt for the first time in 3.5 years and made my “debut” as a conductor at a reception. I decided to get an awesome Suikoden V artbook, and after finishing up my online class, I decided to walk in this year’s commencement ceremony. On the other hand, despite all the good things this month, I encountered several stupid cheaters during my subbing job, where I had to administer a test… GRRR.

May: I ended up walking for my Associate Degree of Arts. I saw Spider-Man 3, and ranted about what happened to my favourite character. I had a huge pay bonus and discovered that my next term class was causing some scheduling conflicts. However, I spent the pay bonus quite wisely: on my new black Nintendo DS Lite called “Ubi.” I purchased the handheld console for the sole purpose of trying out Phoenix Wright I and II, all thanks to Belinda. On a very frightening note, I survived my first conducting gig at the spring concert. With my class being over for the time, I went crazy with purchasing accessories and new games for Ubi. To do something new again, I subbed for the first time at the elementary school. That was certainly different. However, to end my month on a sour note, LiveJournal decided to do its first major witch-hunt. X_X;;

June: I started my month by watching the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie, where Captain Jack Sparrow took over my soul, as well as the movie’s soundtrack. I also saw Copying Beethoven which moved me as a classical music lover. Speaking of music, I attended the high school’s 2007 graduation ceremony where I performed the bass part on the keyboard and watched the class that I’ve worked with since they were freshmen, my first year out of high school. It was quite moving. While taking one Saturday class, I went through pseudo-vacation time. That doesn’t excuse the fact that I received an empty, ripped open package that was supposed to have my Baby-Sitters Club books. X_X;; Aside from that strangeness, I started to play Suikoden IV on the PlayStation 2, which encouraged me to purchase Rhapsodia.

July: I received a refund for that bookless package, and I spent Fourth of July with Ahmi by spending the night at Sarah’s place. That was awesome. Then, after nine days of playing, which is 42 hours of gameplay, I beat Suikoden IV. I discovered a new love and fandom, The History Boys. Posner was the best with Scripps. With my head in the cloud, I finally made a new layout for Aigoo, after being layoutless for several months. With my head still in that fluffy matter, I then spent the next several days, almost non-stop, beat both Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Phoenix Wright: Justice for All on the DS. I beat those two games just in time for my next obsession: the final Harry Potter book. *_* I obtained the books after waiting in line at the PX for almost two hours, chatted with other fans, and then got a copy for myself and AJ. Then I spent the next eight hours reading it at a cafe. Despite all these mind-whirling events, I still managed to do my paper for the music class, went on a real summer vacation, and laughed my head off at my silly slackless mum.

August: August started off being crazy. I hung out with Ahmi, AJ, Sexy, and Mike. I watched The Simspons Movie. Aigoo celebrated its 5th Birthday. I read some new Kurt Vonnegut’s novels and enjoyed them. LiveJournal went on another witch-hunt, grrrr. I signed up for my classes and then my summer vacation ended. In the meantime, I started to go talk to someone about stuff that has been bugging me since I’ve been stressed with figuring out my last classes, job hunting, and shipping issues!

September: I had a very BOOKPOLAR day in September. It just about drove me crazy. As an English major, I ended up with ten books that one day. While I love books, getting the books was quite a pain! Speaking of pain, my thief back in March, I heard more stuff about the scumbag, and it appalled me why the bugger hadn’t been apprehended yet. OI. Anyway, my mother celebrated her Hwangab, her 60th birthday celebration, and I was busy with subbing and my classes of Beat writers and modern poets this entire month. Very hectic, really, since I even interviewed at CDC for a new job.

October: My wonderful colleagues, Ahmi and Sarah, had a birthday sleepover for the two of them. There I discovered the genius of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. We had a crazy night. Then my life turned crazier with the fact that I had to wear bifocals. Dude, I felt so old, so to make myself feel young again, I decided to get my hair highlighted, which turned out quiet nicely. Anyway, I went on another gaming spree. I beat Trace Memory in seven hours, and Touch Detective 2 1/2 in 9 hours. Oi. Then I guess I lost my mind, since I was really sad when my Beat class ended, perhaps the best English class I took in my college career. I finally decided to cross-post Aigoo’s entries to my LJ, and the first post that went there is the one where I received the first TB test I had in five years, ouch, with a terrible stomach-ache, and I went to an awesome concert with Ahmi. This fuelled my love for Vivaldi, which is odd since none of his compositions was performed at the concert… Luckily, my ouchiness disappeared when my dad bought me a 500GB external hard drive that I call “Stooges.” On a more serious side, I discovered more about myself through a bunch of files.

November: I started the month with the purchase of another game, Persona 3. Then I said goodbye to the job I’ve been doing for over four years, and said hello to my new job place, where thousands of trees died to give me many papers in my possession and to sign. Then another game incident happened: PX finally had Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations, after waiting three weeks for it! Unfortunately, despite my happiness, my new job got me to be sick, and I even lost my voice! So with my new job, constantly getting ill, I have no clue how I concentrated on Shakespeare, modern poetry, and Asian philosophy this month. To distract me, even more, my dad came home with the nearly-impossible-to-get Wii. O_O;; I had no clue whether I wanted to keep it or get a new PS2 or a PS3.

December: Luckily, I got my first paycheque with my new job, with some problems, but nothing real major. I spent $35 of it to get a permanent account at InsaneJournal. I then anticipated December 22 even more; my last day of college career. Aside from dying in all the busy-ness of my life, Sarah and I purchased the Wii from my dad and gave it to Ahmi as a present, and we enjoyed her reaction much dearly. Then we went to the winter concert, and I had my real milestone from my college career and all that. Speaking of Christmas, my dad got me the new slim PlayStation 2 as a present. I also bought myself a new game for the DS: Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. Then I finally finished college and became a college grad, more or less, on December 22. I celebrated that occasion with Sarah and Ahmi, and AJ and I spent Christmas at my house. On Christmas Day, my girls and I finally met Toygar. Woot! Unfortunately, I discovered that my “sinus infection” was really tonsillitis. X_X;; So I spent the last few days after Christmas, stuck at home, recuperating. What a nasty way to end the year… at least I’ll spend New Year’s Eve with AJ!