Misdiagnosis of the Century

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Apparently my science skills are just as bad as my math skills. Please do not ask me how I decidedly thought I had sinus infection when all along I had some sort of tonsillitis.

I mean the last time I got sick, my mother mentioned something about my tonsils in Korean, but I dismissed the term then, and apparently my sore tonsils from the previous illness has resurged back to a very miserable state.

I ended up going to the emergency room and waited three hours before I got my diagnosis, medicines, and a sick note to miss work for the next two days.

What a miserable way to end 2007.


  1. Get well soon!!!


    *pat pat*

    That’s got to suck. 。(´д`lll)

    At least you get off work…? (´_`。) 

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