A Mathematical Word Problem

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To compute the grade point average, the number of quality points earned is divided by the number of credits attempted. To determine quality points, each letter grade is converted to a numerical grade as follows: A-4.0, B-3.0, C-2.0, D-1.0, and F-0.

The number of quality points for a course is the numerical grade multiplied by the number of credits the course carries. Thus, a grade of B in a three-credit course earns 3.0 x 3 = 9 quality points.

As an example, a student with 48 total quality points and 15 credits attempted has a grade point average of 48 divided by 15 = 3.20, which is somewhat above a B average.

This is the reason why I could never figure out my darn GPA. Anyway. Let us say that I have taken 42 classes + 2 extras that I have no clue that counts toward my GPA or not. Of the 42 classes, 37 have As, 4 of them are Bs, and 1 of them is Cs.

To break it down even further, three of the classes are only one semester hour and the grade is an A for them. In other words:

34 x 3 s.h. = A.
3 x 1 s.h. = A.
4 x 3 s.h. = B.
1 x 3 s.h. = C.

PLUS: 2 x 3 s.h. = A (for the two classes that I have no clue that counts or not).

All of this is 120 s.h. or 126 s.h. Anybody else lost, yet? I definitely can say I am.

So the question is, what the hell is my GPA? Every time I do this, I end up with very strange numbers. *sighs* Math and I so do NOT get along. Hence the single C in my college career: IN MATH!

Really, though, I guess this is an impressive record? I am not happy with the Bs and the Cs, but at least I can say that I received As in all my English classes except in EDCP 101, the pre-req for ENGL 101.