Christmas 2007

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Happy Christmas to all of you.

I hope yours were all better than mine.

Well, mine was all right. I received $120 in cash from two people, along with $45 gift cards from two people, my slim PS2 from Daddy, $25 gift card and Once Upon a Time in America OST from AJ, gift and goodies from various others, and a scarf from one of my mum’s friend. Of course there were also the present from yours truly that consisted of games, books, and mangas.

…And I also got another sinus infection + flu from some unfortunate soul who’s going to meet my fist. Not to mention the monthly female thing. I am not looking forward to going back to work in my current sick state.

If it wasn’t for the last two, I’d be one happy person. Alas, someone hates me too much to not even enjoy Christmas to its fullest. I did however watch A Charlie Brown Christmas and Mickey’s Christmas Carol for the more traditional Christmas activities. AJ and I had a lovely time doing that and then we had a wonderful turkey dinner along with some Korean foods like Galbi (갈비) and then we met up with Ahmi, Sarah, and Sarah’s fiancee, Toygar, at Bless U for a couple rounds of drinks.

…Aside from that, the computer room and my bedroom is clean. Now let’s see how long that last.


  1. Awww many I’m sorry you were landed the flu on Christmas! I hope you get better!

  2. Get well, dammit, so you can party like a rock star on New Year’s Eve! :-D

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