Wii Solution and Winter Concert

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After that lengthy post about my Wii dilemma, I finally accomplished what Sarah and I decided to do. I originally was going to sell the console to a friend, but after much pondering, the said friend already had a PS3, so I decided to call up Sarah and share my plan with her.

My idea was fairly simple: She and I combine our moolas together, and then we buy the Wii off my daddy, and we give it to Ahmi as a Christmas present. She also suggested we dutch to buy Super Mario Galaxy and the Nintendo Wi-Fi Adapter. Sarah went ahead and ordered the game off of Amazon, and then we biatched about how PX had it after we ordered it…

But luckily the game came on time — came yesterday, in fact — and we were able to give it to her today since we were all going to attend SAHS’ Winter Concert together. We met up and decided to have dinner at Greenstreet, and then after we ordered our meal, we presented it to her.

…Man, I wish one of us had a video camera. The next fifteen minutes were the most hilarious and awesome experience ever. Even though we had the stuff with us, all wrapped, she thought those presents were for someone else and didn’t even questioned us about it, so that made her reaction even funnier. I’m just glad she didn’t out rightly refused it. Sarah and I would have been — well I dunno what we would have done — but I did have concerns about her not accepting it due to her pride!

Dude. I wished we had a video camera!

Anyway, after that lovely experience, we went to the concert, and it was brilliant like always. I couldn’t help but feel remorse, though, and sadness at not working there any more and not being in band myself. Ah well.

To end the night on a sour note, though, I’m sick AGAIN. WTF times a hundred! Just when I was finally over that illness from couple weeks ago!


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