Wii Dilemma

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Upon arriving home today after class, and after calling my mother who’s away in the country for a while, the following conversations occurred.

Daddy: Something strange fell in my lap today.

Me: *makes a non-committal noise as she’s occupied on the computer and then realises Daddy is talking* Huh? What?

D: Something strange fell in my lap today. *comes to the computer room with a bag holding what looked like a Nintendo Wii.

M: *mouth drops open and hands automatically go to grab it* Wha–? How –?!

(Keep in mind that the Wii is impossible to obtain here. Last holiday season and for this holiday season, the base PX is holding a drawing for the Wii… and whoever wins gets to purchase the few systems they have).

D: A man who works with me somehow won two of these. However, he needed money to go on a business trip tomorrow and decided to sell one. I told him that I’d take it and give him the money and blahblahblah.

M: *mouth is still wide open* I want it!

D: I’d rather you sell it to a friend who may want it.

M: B-b-but… WHY?!

D: Because I’d rather get you a PlayStation 3.

M: O_____________O;;;; But that’s more expensive THAN the Wii.

D: Yes, but with the Wii, you have no games for it and you’d have to pay money to buy those games anyway. Whereas with a PlayStation 3, you can play with the games you already have.

M: If we get the one that is backward compatible. *ponders* But I still want it!!!!

D: Well, think about it for a while. You don’t have to decide tonight.


BLARGHHHHHHHHHHHH! DILEMMA! Oh what a travesty! It is shocking that this happened, and it is even more shocking that my dad is willing to buy me a PlayStation 3.

…But he does have a point. And most of the games that do come out for Nintendo are games I am not really interested in. I mean, I know I will eventually own a Wii, but I also want a PS3, too.

…But I do need a new PlayStation, regardless. While my fat PS2 still do work, I know it will kaput on me one of these days… and it’s either buy another PS2 or just get the sodding PS3.

…But I do have a friend I know who wouldn’t mind buying the Wii off us… >_<;; Oh, WHY does this always happen to me!


  1. Oooh what a dilemma. I guess a PS3 covers a much wider range of games though Wii has some great cute titles and loads of party games.

  2. Hi Tara, been ghosting a while.

    First off — what a great dilemma to have! But here are my opinions:

    1.) The Wii is ridiculously fun to play. I have one, and although I buy a lot of games for it — I just bought Soul Calibur Legends and Super Mario Galaxy and they’re taking away so much time from my finals — the games themselves are much cheaper than PS3 games, which you will inevitably buy since you will have a PS3. Some Wii games now are only $30 in the States (Rayman Raving Rabbits, for example) whereas PS3 games run about $60.

    2.) The cheapest PS3 (40gb) is NOT BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE. I don’t know why, it should’ve been since the software for that isn’t that expensive, and it was really a key feature of the PS3. I would’ve asked for a PS3 for Christmas myself, but the 60gb one is still $500 — which I find pretty ridiculous. You should double-check with your father to see if he knows what he’s getting into.

    3.) The new PS2’s are only about $125 — and these are the slim ones with internal electricity conversion. If you don’t have that much to spend, I’m sure you could get a used one in good condition, or even an old slim model.

    4.) The PS3 graphics are absolutely gorgeous and definitely better than Wii graphics on an HDTV, but the Wii play-style is a LOT of fun. And also, as Belinda mentioned, the games are a lot cutesier and conducive to multiplayers — especially those who aren’t already very familiar to videogames. PS3 games, on the other hand, are a lot more difficult.

    =D Okay, that’s all I’ve got. Hope this helps. ^^;;; Time to get back to working on my presentation for tonight… O___O;

  3. Get both!

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