Persona 3

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Couple weeks ago, at the PX, I saw a game that looked quite intriguing. I decided to read up on it and then buy it if it sounded interesting. Unfortunately, that was the last copy at the time. I cursed at myself for not buying it then and there. The PX is just predictable like that.

I was talking to couple of my gaming buddies about that game this week, and today, I went to the PX with one of them. We ran into another buddy of ours, and he said, “Persona 3 is in, and it’s the last copy.” I literally hauled my butt over to the PS2 game area, and he followed me and pointed it to the bottom. I grabbed the yet-again, the last copy of it, and hugged it to myself quite protectively.

I be happy. Never mind the fact that the game cost me $50 bucks, but it came with an artbook and a form of soundtrack. I be happy. Thank you, Mike, for letting me have it instead of taking it for yourself! Then again, he had no money, so erm… yeah.

*sighs* That doesn’t mean I have the time to play it now, but at least it’s in my possession to play it in the future. WHOO HOO!