Viva la Vivaldi

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To get away from my dismal times of Shakespeare and modern poetry, I have discovered my newest obsessions: Nigel Kennedy and Dark Moor.

I discovered them during work today, probably the only highlight of the day, and I am pleased to say that as much as I’m not a big fan of music covers, I like good music covers.

I have to say that I am a big fan of Antonio Vivaldi’s Le Quattro Stagioni (aka The Four Seasons): L’Inverno, first and second movement. That would be Winter. With that and the third movement of L’Estate (Summer), I would kill to hear and see it live in a music hall.

…Well, I discovered that seeing it on Youtube with Nigel Kennedy and the English Chamber Orchestra is not a bad alternative. Check out the first movement of L’Estate here. If you like, then there are more to look here. I keep watching and listening to these videos. I am enthralled.

Moving on. I admit that I am not a big fan of electric guitar, or guitars in general. The mere idea of combining electric guitar and Vivaldi would make me cringe with disgust. However, today proved me wrong with Dark Moor’s performance of, again, the first movement of L’Estate. Oh, man. Granted, I prefer the original, string orchestra version, but listening to this one is quite a mind-boggling experience!

I urge you guys to check it out. It’s simply fascinating. And Dark Moor’s website is in Korean… er… I hope the music just loads for you guys, like it did with me.


  1. hello and greetings from México :D

    I’m a big fan of Dark Moor! and I find your website searching the Dark Moor fanlisting XD

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