The Calm Before the Storm

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* I got an A in that Beat class. I rule.

* I finished my poetry midterm paper in ten hours. I rock.

* My Suikoden 4 doujinshi finally came. I drool.

* I got Touch Detective 2 1/2 for the DS yesterday. I play.

* PX does not have Phoenix Wright 3. I mad.

* I do not want face-to-face classes to start up on Monday. I sad.

My life will seriously end on Monday. Until December 22, I am going to wish I was dead. Sarah, who’s taking two online graduate-level classes, and I will definitely get blasted on that day after my final college class. I anticipate the next two months to be quite angst-filled.


  1. Your life will not end… think of it as a new beginning! And congrats on the “A.” :)

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