TB Tuesday

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TB Tuesday can be interpreted in two different ways for me. The first way is the fact that I had a free TB shot. OUCH. The second way is that TB stands for “Terribly Busy” or “Terribly Baffled.”

I woke up this morning, feeling rather crappy. I felt like I had the flu with my entire body aching, felt nauseated, and had a major stomach ache. I don’t understand why eating too much popcorn the night before could have caused all this. It baffled me all day. But now I feel better…

But I wished I felt better when I was at the elementary school, subbing for 1st to 5th graders as an art teacher. X_X;; I really don’t think elementary education and I will agree. I’ll stick with secondary or post-secondary.

Then I walked quite painfully to the Ed Centre to sign up for my last two classes. I ended up signing up for:

* ENGL 304: The Major Works of Shakespeare on Mon/Wed @ 1800 ~ 2100.
* PHIL 307: Asian Philosophy on Sat @ 0900 ~ 1600.

After two weeks of angsting and confusion, I finally decided on Asian Philosophy. I really didn’t want to take that, but the idea of commuting to Camp Casey on Saturdays to take American Government wasn’t a fun one.

Then I met up with Ahmi to eat at Dragon. Afterwards, we went to SAHS auditorium for the annual Korean American Friendship Concert. Fantastico…except for one of the soprano singer who cannot carry her voice above the darn orchestra. But really, hearing Mozart’s Symphony No. 25 in G Minor, Overture to Marriage of Figaro, La Donna Mobile, and Brindisi live was awesome. And hearing a choir sing River from Ennio Morricone’s The Mission soundtrack was awesome. And with an encore of Radetzky March, it was awesome. Ahhh… free concerts like these rocks.


  1. Ooo…teacher?!
    I’m going to major in Early Childhood Education! :D

    It’s exciting. XDDDD

    Oh dear… are you one of those people who actually gets the symptoms when you get shots? D: I never do… and sometimes wish I do kinda get sick to relax… Except…I’d be sick. XD

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