Final Beat Class

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You know, for once, I am incredibly sad that a class has ended.

Today was the final class day for my Beat class, and as of right now, I have to say it was the best English class I’ve taken so far. It is even better than the Creative Writing and Critical Approaches to Literature classes. Okay, granted, the Beat stuff didn’t really do me anything like Modern Novel did, but the teacher, the structure of the class, with guest speakers (where one looked very similar to Hugh Grant!) and the small intimate class of seven people, where four of us became a group, made it worthwhile these last seven weeks.

Seriously, the four of us got along really great, and we even collaborated on writing a short poem together as our final performance as a group. This is the poem:

I sit and look at quesadilla dirty nails.
That damn Tequila song rings in my head.
Enchi-fucking-rito? What the shit man!
I hear that they just built a Taco Bell in Mexico… what the fuck is that all about?
It’s about Mexicans losing their Mexicanism to Americans.
Why the fuck are we talking about this? There are better foods out there!
Like chicken and crabcakes! Hold the phone grandma.
My grandfather is dead just a box of ash I really dont think he liked Mexican food too much.
Get out! out! out! out! You asshole! I hate you. I ignore you. We ignore you. You ignore you. Hahahahaha!
Goddamn, I’m surrounded by crackheads! But it’s all good. Just party on and be good to one another!
Be good to yourself if nothing else cause I know, you know and God knows you don’t deserve it.
What the fuck are you talking about?
— LC, TP, SB, C.

Yes, it’s very… cracktacular. After class, we all headed to Wolfhound in Itaewon and just sat there and talked for the next two hours. It was fun… and I’ll miss our Sunday class, but we shall be reuniting in a week in Shakespeare. Woo hoo! Seriously, though, this was the best class and the people were awesome in it!


  1. I’m glad you figured out something to do for your project (I remember discussing it some time ago). Also glad you ended up enjoying the Beats. As much as I hated my class, I think reading Beat literature changed my life in a way. Enchi-fucking-rito? Love it.

  2. Taco Bell is an acquired taste. Something I’ve never really acquired. :)

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