Highlighting Adventure

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Since I ended up with a new pair of glasses, why not change my hair slightly as well? My original intent was to go get my bangs cut. But then I suddenly had the urge to highlight my hair as well. So hence a $30 bucks highlighting job in one of the many beauty salons in my neighbourhood.

Yippee. I admit that I do look better with lighter coloured hair, so kudos to me. And with my new shiny craptacular bifocals… Yay?

Regardless of my new “look,” I finally got called from the Employer people about my new job. Now one of my worries about being able to stay here in Korea is solved. Now let’s just hope I don’t die in the process of overworking with little children and taking three classes next term. Ugh. I have a feeling I’m going to end up with Cs in my last three classes towards my degree. Oh noes. There goes my GPA. X_X;;


  1. Who needs GPA when you have a new look? OK, so, pretty much everyone. But congrats on the new hair &etc, and, if you’re anything like me, the self-esteem boost. Hope the job works out well for you!

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