Adjustments to Bifocals

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I almost want to write Bifuckals since it’s really bugging me!

Long story short, few weeks ago, the Saturday before my mum’s big birthday bash, I had to clean my room. I rushed through that chore, and then on Sunday I discovered my glasses were missing. Needless to say, after I searched everywhere for it, I came to the conclusion that I accidentally trashed the bugger in the garbage bag.

I went glassless for the next couple weeks until last Friday, where I went to the optometry. There the doctor told me that I needed bifocals. O_o;; That was my mental expression and the single thought that went in my head was “Aren’t bifocals for old people past forty?! I’m only twenty-two for heaven’s sake!” After that, with my eyes all dilated, I learned how blind people can be with my eyes in that shape. I went and chose a frame for my new glasses, and they told me to pick them up today.

I am NOT having fun adjusting. The top is to look at everything while the bottom is used for reading. Well, I personally do NOT see the point of having bifocal lenses at the moment since it’s really retarded that I can read through both the top and the bottom just fine! Trying to get my eyes to look through the bottom portion is not an easy task! )#$#@_)#)(@_)@#_(_)@#

Quoting and butchering from Kermit the frog, “It isn’t easy being bifocalised, much less green.” Not to mention, I feel old now. I do not know of ANYONE who wears these at my age. Damn, I hate my eyes. And the stupid part is, my eyes aren’t even that bad without them! At least I think 20/40 is decent; at least I’m not blind without glasses. But still, I am NOT liking these bifocals.